addison. (xaddix) wrote,

Addison did his usual sit around and do nothing all day thing. He got up at 10 but was still tired all day. He watched a little baseball and rented a video game which is he believes is hard. He went to Hastings and picked up nick to hang out for a while. Nick worked on the badguywrestler site and Addison played his hard game some more. Capnzac and the other snyder boy stopped by his house and they went to play some Tennis. Jeremy showed up and they all got a doubles game in. Capnzac and Addison emerged victorious. Addison will get his check tomorrow for umpiring from which he'll spend a little of it on a new racket. Addison wants to hang out with Rachel but she is gone. Sadness. He plans on playing tennis once again tomorrow. He bids you a good evening.
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